Therapeutic After School Program

ABC’s after school program for children ages 5-21 encourages academic achievement and socio-emotional development and builds study habits through daily homework help, individualized activities, collaborative work, tutoring, therapeutic and literacy groups, customized lesson plans, math activities, and structured recreation. The program’s goal is to provide the resources and encouragement that especially vulnerable children living in crisis need to become adept in social settings, develop positive self-esteem, concentrate on the tasks at hand, play creatively and fairly, and make academic and behavioral advances. ABC's Educational Consultant designs the curriculum in close coordination with the children's schools, mental health therapists, volunteers who participate as tutors and mentors, and parents, who play an integral role in the programs for youth. The carefully crafted schedule encourages optimal emotional and academic development and focuses on improving health and well-being. Youth may plant in ABC's community garden, take nutrition and cooking classes, play sports, or participate in fitness programs. The students work one-on-one and in small groups with the devoted tutors and mentors.