Our Model

ABC's programs and services champion a "whole family" approach because they extend past our children to reach each and every member of the family.

Watch this video to learn more about ABC's model and programs: 

Models that Inspire


ABC’s programs and services are grounded in research-based models that are designed to break the cycles of poverty and are strongly rooted in ABC’s commitment to serving the whole family and the community. ABC also collaborates with researchers to develop new and innovative practices that strengthen its programs. The results from these collaborations are used to promote best practices in the field and more importantly, yield better results for children, families, and society.


The results of all program analyses show that ABC significantly improves the lives of children and families. Using over 100 goals and outcomes that are tracked across its programs, ABC employs rigorous tools and standards to continuously assess over 4,800 children and their families to measure progress and determine the impact of its services. This past year, ABC has seen nearly 90% of its preschool children become school-ready, has celebrated the high school graduation of 100% of its teens and their acceptances to colleges and technical schools, and has served hundreds of thousands of nutritious meals to hungry children.


Studies show that every initial $1 invested in high-performing programs can yield up to a $17 (or 1700%) in return for society. By investing in ABC model programs that intervene at the most critical stage for the most at-risk children, such as improving on school readiness, mitigating crises, and protecting children from harm, ABC secures a brighter future for children by reducing crime, increasing productivity, and decreasing tax spending. The best investments are easy to spot.