Family Preservation

The goal of All Children’s House is first and foremost to keep children safe, but beyond that, to give families resources that enable them to break the cycles of abuse, neglect and despair. All Children’s House guides fragile families towards stability.

For two decades, ABC’s All Children’s House has provided support for the City's youngest and most vulnerable children. Because children ages birth to five have the highest morbidity and mortality rates, partly due to abuse by their parents or caregivers, All Children's House works with families who are at risk of losing children to foster care. ABC provides these families with the tools they need to break cycles of abuse and neglect and promote long-term stability. In addition to case management services, families receive counseling, parent support and education, entitlement assistance, budgeting management, educational advocacy, legal assistance, and housing and child care referrals.

Knowing of the high morbidity and mortality rates for young children, and that early intervention is not only vital but also most effective, All Children’s House’s highly trained, licensed, professional therapists work with families wherever they are — be it in a tiny crowded apartment doubled or tripled up, or a domestic violence or homeless shelter. The therapists encourage delight, empathy, and tenderness to help forge parent-infant bonds so invincible that they are a protective shield against toxic stress. For parents and their children who have experienced trauma, or who are at risk of experiencing abuse or neglect, Child-Parent Psychotherapy engenders a secure attachment that restores a sense of trust and safety. By offering Child-Parent Psychotherapy in the context of a child welfare system, in an urban setting as complex as New York City, the All Children’s House model is breaking new ground and creating a blueprint for its replication in cities throughout the country. In fact, by invitation of the New York City Administration for Children’s Services, ABC has launched a replication of Child-Parent-Psychotherapy – All Children’s House The South Bronx.

It is ABC’s priority not only to provide this therapeutic treatment to families, but also to share this innovative model with others. In October, 2014, ABC held its own forum about integrating Child-Parent Psychotherapy into the child welfare system in partnership with the Columbia University School of Social Work and the Viola W. Bernard foundation. More recently, ABC has presented at two conferences on its All Children’s House Child-Parent Psychotherapy program, including the New York Statewide Infant and Toddler Conference in Poughkeepsie in January, 2015 and the 20th Annual New York State Child Abuse Prevention Conference in Albany in April, 2015. This past fall, ABC also had the privilege of providing an on-site tour of its Echo Park Children and Family Center and presenting on Child-Parent Psychotherapy to a Congressional Delegation. In addition, ABC published a case study from one of its families receiving Child-Parent Psychotherapy in the July 2015 issue of the Zero to Three journal.