Keith Haring School

Keith Haring School provides nurturing Early Intervention services for children ages birth to three with complex developmental delays and medical disabilities who may also be affected by HIV/AIDS. Here, all children are encouraged to play, laugh, explore, and discover together.







Adorned with Keith Haring’s colorful and joyous silhouettes, which illustrate the young students’ determination and spirit, this nurturing Early Intervention program serves children ages birth to three who have severe developmental disabilities and delays, who are from formerly homeless families, or who are living with or affected by HIV/AIDS. Children receive occupational, physical, and speech therapies, educational instruction and mental health counseling in a safe and stimulating setting. Child-directed activity centers promote social, emotional, physical, and cognitive learning. Parents, who are key to their children’s optimum development, are engaged in educational and support programs on-site and through the program’s home-based Keith Haring School.

Learn more about Early Intervention services (a New York City Department of Health program) at ABC.