The Graham School at Echo Park

The Graham School at Echo Park includes ten early childhood education classrooms that together offer a full day of the highest-quality Preschool Special Education, Early Head Start, Head Start, and Universal Pre-Kindergarten for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers from the East Harlem community. Priority is given to children who are in the greatest need and are the most seriously at-risk. The complex needs of every child and each family member are further met through easy access to the comprehensive services available on-site at Echo Park, ABC’s one-stop multi-service family center, a health, education and justice hub for the community.

The Graham School curricula is enriched by on-site access to the inviting Tiger Room children’s library and the Healey Technology Center, as well as Milt’s Soccer, Harry Roepers’ Gym, Chantelle’s Rec Room, and Bunny’s Playground – a large, safe, rooftop play space that is graced by a whimsical mural of a New York City re-imagined with Echo Park at its vibrant center.