ABC Impact Archive

New York Times (1988): As a Hotel Is Emptied, The Poor Move On
The Martinique, used as a welfare hotel since 1973, move families out in 1988.
NYTimes (1989): Hospitalization Of Sick Infants Faulted in Suit
ABC files suit against New York City and State on behalf of children with special needs who continued to be held in hospitals.
NYTimes (1995): Mothers to Get AIDS Test Data Under Accord
The Pataki administration agrees to let mothers learn the results of AIDS tests given to all newborn babies.
Passing the Test: New York's Newborn HIV Testing Policy, 1987–1997
From "Reducing the Odds: Preventing Perinatal Transmission of HIV In The United States."
NYTimes (2003): City and State to Give Free Asthma Care to Homeless Children
ABC secures free screening and treatment for asthma for homeless children.
9th Annual Morton Deutsch Awards for Social Justice
Gretchen Buchenholz is awarded the 2013 Morton Deutsch Scholar-Practitioner Award at Teachers College Columbia University.