ABC Advocacy Archive

NYTimes (1985): Panel Finds Anger at Cuts in U.S. Aid
ABC Executive Director, Gretchen Buchenholz, speaks out against hunger before the Select Committee on Hunger of the House of Representatives.
The Gettsyburg Times (1986): The sound of a bat, the sound of a baby
Jimmy Breslin, the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, describes his meeting with Gretchen and exposure to the boarder baby crisis.
Fordham Urban Law Journal (1997): Changing Positions and Entrenched Polemics
Colin Crawford, MA, JD, documents the trajectory of the Association to Benefit Children’s approach to pediatric HIV testing.
NYTimes (1995): Suit Seeks Results of Babies' AIDS Tests
ABC files suit against New York State to ensure mothers know their and their babies' HIV status.
NYTimes (1996): In New Jersey, Infants Languish in Hospitals
ABC files suit against New Jersey, the only state in the U.S. that had yet to end the practice of "boarding" babies.
NY Times (1986): Infants Linger in Hospitals, Awaiting Foster Homes